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It is said that health is wealth, and in the quest to see that a healthy conditions are achieved by citizens, there have been some drugstore chain in U.S that helps in the circulation of which walgreens pharmacy has been ranked top among others. Walgreens pharmacy started as a neighborhood drugstore in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreen, this neighborhood drugstore has become the pharmacy all others are measured by and one of the most respected in America. The driving force and interest to this establishment soon led Walgreen into manufacture of his own line of drug products to ensure high quality and low prices. For over the years, walgreens pharmacy recorded a lots of achievement which includes installation of first intercom computers in five walgreens pharmacies in Des moines, lowa, the first drugstore chain to offer prescription labels in multiple languages chain wide in 2002, acquisition of option care, a network of more than 100 pharmacies (including more than 60 company-owned) in 34 states, that offers a full spectrum of specialty pharmacy and home infusion services. In 2012, walgreens pharmacy hours launched an online “find your pharmacist” tool which gives the customers the opportunity so select a pharmacist by matching their health care needs with the areas of expertise, specialties, languages and clinical backgrounds of 24 hours walgreens pharmacy.

The success story of investment in walgreens 24 hours pharmacy include the following below.

  • The prospect of drugstore business in US is high: longevity is achieved by the availability of drug to sustain it, the older an individual becomes, the more chances that he/she will have more medical problems increases, and increase in population in U.S is directly proportional with various forms of diseases, thereby leading to high demand of drugstore market. The advancement in technology especially in the area of genetic engineering is now making use of some testing kits which are available in drug store, these new product has brought in additional revenue to drug store. Also the passage of health care reform bill has provided an insurance coverage to an estimated 33 million Americans which is a great boost to walgreens 24 hours pharmacy.
  • It’s recession-insensitive in nature: One need medicine to sustain a healthy living irrespective of the state of the economy whether poor or rich. It has been debated by some researchers in U.S that low income earners uses more medicine due to some assistance offered by government in some of her program to provide free drugs.


Some of the risk to investment in walgreens 24 hours pharmacy include the following.

  • Competitor: There are formidable competitor in prescription drugs, these competitors can be in form of sellers at the supermarkets or other prominent drug chains.
  • Expensive nature of some of their prescription: Americans are avoiding some of their prescription, especially the most expensive brand name medicines. This may have negative impact on the sales revenue and profits of walgreens 24 hours pharmacy. As revealed by some health care data company, nearly 1 in 10 new prescriptions for brand name drugs were avoided by people with commercial health plans in 2010.

24 hours pharmacy wallgreens provides over 5 million customers the most convenient, multichannel access to trusted, cost effective pharmacy and health services across the nation. As a top ranker in the industry, 24 hours walgreens pharmacy offer an unmatched network of services and comprehensive solutions which increase medical support and improves health conditions. The industry has been supporting communities through services, resources and outreach, providing a place where employees of different background can build a successful career and donations to make a difference for over 100 years ago. The industry have an outstanding history on actions involving product safety and working to ensure that their product meet federal and local safety regulations and guidelines. They have sound social responsibility to identifying and address areas of opportunity for improving product safety, integrity and transparency.

At walgreens pharmacy 24 hours, we know that success and being a good corporate citizen go hand-in-hand, it is a balance that we strive for in our industry in everything we do. Bearing that in mind, walgreens pharmacy 24 hours have established different priority that best align our citizenship and resources with our business operations. These includes the following: education, diversity and inclusions, disability initiatives and community. Under education sector, thousands of student team members attend pharmacy school with our foundation, and our contribution in pharmacy scholarship is remarkable. We also partner with schools and college of pharmacy to provide experimental education rotations to current pharmacy students as well as pharmacy technicians. In the aspect of community priority, we assist employees who have experienced hardship as a result of accidents, long time illness, natural disaster and some other similar situations. In our program of charity and choice, our employees are able to choose from a list of charities and contribute through automatic payroll deduction at an amount designated by the employee. Our role in diversity and inclusions include increasing the enrollment of students in underrepresented communities in schools and college of pharmacy.


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